Sunday, April 11, 2010

Doing my best, doing what I can, I get them ready for Vietnam

With apologies to the Ramones (and while a catchy tune, I'm still not sure what "Commando's" about - and I'm a Ramones fan). So the last few weeks have been busy getting 3mm forces ready for "Charlie Don't Surf". I had most figures already on hand, but needed more infantry and some vehicles. The reinforcements just arrived Friday and many are now in progress.

I've based a company of US forces (at this scale interchangeably Army and USMC, as well as ANZACs), one of NVA and one VC. I've also got most vehicles based, and most helicopters are primed. Next up is finishing the few remaining vehicle bases, and then texturing all the bases. A few that are going to be really muddy (M109's in position) or on pavement (some jeeps and M48 tanks) were textured before mounting the vehicles.

So, while still a work in progress, I thought I'd show off what's been going on in the couple of weeks since my last post.

An overview of everything on the table, all 3 companies and vehicles.

Half of the US forces. M109 self-propelled artillery, M60A3 tanks, LVTP5 carriers for the marines (I have another 10 but need to think about basing them for beaches and/or in-water), M113 (couple types), M577 command track, M106/M125 mortar carriers, jeeps (with and without weapons), M60 LMG's, and infantry. On the fly I decided to put the M113's on smaller bases, as they looked lost on the pennies (and base size doesn't matter); I kept the mortar versions on pennies as they'd be likely dug in with a small base around them. Two of my M577's were like this too for the same reason.

The other half of the US's forces. Trucks, some based for dirt roads (left) and some for pavement (right), also M48 tanks, also based for both on- and off-road. Also some medic stations, more jeeps, more infantry, and command stands.

A North Vietnamese Army company, including RPG's and MG's; plus some spares and 5 T-55's.

VC company.

Most of my US helicopters - Huey Slicks, Hogs, and Heavy Frogs, AH-1 Cobra's, OH-6's and OH-58's. Chinooks and some Huey 1B's that I'll use for medevac and command helicopters are on their way from Dom of Dom's Decals. Click on the picture for a full-sized version with better detail.

Marine CH-46 transport and supply helicopters. These guys have been primed for a while and finally have some brethren to sit with on the painting table.

Recently arrived OH-13's, very early observation helicopters in Vietnam, famous for their role in MASH (so I guess I'll save some for Korea then).

What's on the table to be filed and then soaked (I use vinegar for a couple of hours) - PT-76's for the north, in between Sheridans (left) and Walker Bulldogs (right).