Sunday, December 23, 2012

Pre-Xmas Post

This could be my last post for the year, given how busy the next week will be (despite getting a lot of miniatures-related work done), but we'll see.  I must have been a reasonably good little boy (at least this week), as I had a rather interesting first on Tuesday - four parcels in mail for me.  I'd made some orders since I know I'm unlikely to get much mini-related stuff for Xmas, so I took advantage of a number of sales.

The four parcels were:
  • Some new Shapeways items, mainly Star Wars spaceships and fighters, plus some 1/600 Sparrowhawk fighters and JF-17s.
  • My GZG Xmas special order, a mix of 6mm sci-fi infantry, 6mm accessories, 15mm accesories, and their Recreational Vehicle (or Research Vehicle, depending on your point of view).  My freebies from Jon included the spacesuited explorers pack, his new explorer on a mule (ATV sort of thing), and some 2/3mm walkers, which I also can use for 6mm.  My winter order, to take advantage of my coupon, will be some spaceships and 15mm infantry, explorers, etc.  Maybe some backup 6mm tanks, so I have more than a platoon of some of them.
  • My second (!) order this month from Splintered Light Miniatures.  I had to make the second order since after I placed my first they released a cool new Egyptian undead line, and I wanted to take advantage of their Xmas sale.  I also picked up some of their new Vikings, in particular the character pack, to help with my Cormac Mac Art/Turlogh dub O'Brien projects.  My order earlier this month was mainly to round out my Sons of Horus (Egyptian hawk-men) collection.
  • Finally, there was my order from Hydra Miniatures.  I took advantage of their sale to pick up their lovely Valkeeri ladies, their robot queen, and the first range from Matt's new 15mm line, the Akarr (bird-men too).
I'm going to try to be quiet over the holidays, unless some gift cards or hobby cash end up under the tree.  Rebel Minis, GHQ, and Brigade Models UK all have sales going on too...

Happy holidays everyone!