Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Dollar Store 3D Landmarks - Completed

Well I spent an hour or so last night putting together the 3D puzzles from the dollar store (see previous post) that I wanted for my own kaiju gaming:
They went together pretty well, except for the Petronas Twin Towers, which are going to require some gluing because of the way they are packaged (the tall towers are folded in half in the packaging and come out...a bit limp).

The rest work, most are closer to 1/1200or smaller (way smaller in the case of Petronas and the other tower), but a couple are probably near spot-on 1/600 (or 3mm).

So I got 10 models out of the deal, my nephew will get 10 for his gaming.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Dollar Store Find - Cheap 3D Landmarks

I was in a local dollar store (Dollarama in Canada) searching for some cheap plastic hand soap dishes to use as the top cover for an underground giant monster prison (that makes perfect sense to me!), when I came across a rack of cheap (pack of 2 for $1) 3D puzzles of famous landmarks.  I bought them all - really, every one, even the doubles - right away!

Here they are spread out:
It's hard to tell what scale they are until I put them together, but I'm guessing most range somewhere along the 1/300 (6mm) to 1/600 (3mm) to 1/900-1/1200 (2mm/aeronef) continuum, though the windmill seems like it may be large.

They are definitely at the low-end of the 3D puzzle (never mind wargames terrain) quality scale, but I see two uses for them;

1) A quick and dirty way to add a landmark to a city for kaiju (giant monster) gaming.  I have Tokyo, New York, Toronto, and a generic Monster City layouts in development using higher end 3D puzzles and other trinkets as landmarks and cardstock buildings for the rest, but by dropping one of these on a table with some generic buildings gives me Moscow, Barcelona, Istanbul, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur, etc.  Great for a worldwide kaiju campaign (or recreating Destroy All Monsters or Final Wars)!

2) Giving away to my nephew for his kaiju gaming/playing.  He has a city board I made of foamboard and spare foam cutouts, and now I'll give him whatever doesn't work for me (he's scale immune - action figures and 3" Godzillas on the same table are fair game) and all of the doubles I picked up.

And ironically, I couldn't find the soap dishes!  I did find some crystalline space monsters and a space station disguised as Xmas decorations though, as well as the big find above.

FYI, there isn't any brand name on the puzzles, just Made in China and $1!