Saturday, November 27, 2010

2 and 3mm Scenics (WiP)

The last few weeks have been spent basing some 2mm Star Wars and 18th century India figures (possible the the widest gaps in interest one can imagine), but on the painting table my poor Vietnam project has been pushed to the side, literally, for some scenic pieces from Irregular (2mm) and Simply 6 (3mm). These are still being finished, but here's an early peek at them.

Since the manor on the right is actually intended as a plantation house for my Vietnam project, I guess the little guys can't complain too much.The one on the left is for some TBD European project.

And I also have some 3mm ruins from Simply 6 for city-fighting in Vietnam, still working on how to achieve depth to the rubble. There are four in total, these two are to be "concrete", the other two will be the typical white buildings that seem to be common in pictures of Tet (or at least the Osprey version).
The Star Wars project gets its first piece with an ion cannon base for the Battle of Hoth:
And for good measure, a missile base for a temperate world...
On to 18th century India, for which I'm using both of Irregular's "mid-east" pieces as a town and village respectively...
I plan on getting two more of these and doing them in more of a Northwest Frontier paint scheme. These two are for more tropical India.

I also have a cathedral and castle from Irregular underway. The red base around the cathedral is an attempt to show red cobblestones, hopefully drybrushing and a wash help pull out the details. Interestingly, while searching online for photos of a cathedral to base a paint scheme on, I found which cathedral this seems to be based on - that of Cologne.
And finally, here's a couple shots of a fantasy castle, in near-2mm scale, that came from some knick-knack store a long time ago. I think I remember what town I bought it in, but I'm not really sure of what store. This was way before I took up miniatures again, and before I even knew of 2mm as a scale, I just picked it up as a trinket, along with some little dragon figurines. Realizing it could serve a better purpose as a scenic bit, I stuck it to a base and am giving it a go. The hills and grass need some work, as do the boulders in the stream, otherwise I think it looks pretty good. And has given me a whole new appreciation for knick-knack stores...need to do some hunting for some of its brethren!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Well, in a fit of something, possibly stupidity

I started another blog: Mahindya 1750 for my 18th century Imagi-nations set in a fictional Indian sub-continent.

The introductory post there pretty much explains everything. I set it up separately so it would have a clear lineage, rather than the clutter that is here. I may have to do this with some other projects too, eventually - Kull comes to mind.

I also made it separate to give it a different look and feel. I was actually trying for more of a newspaper look, but maybe I'll save that for more contemporary projects, AK-47 Africa or Back of Beyond stuff. The look now does have a sort of old-world feel, me thinks anyway.