Wednesday, August 22, 2012

RAFM Space 1889 Expansion Campaign on Indiegogo

Well last month it was Kickstarter and the Big Lebowski figures, this month RAFM has started a campaign on Indiegogo (a lot like Kickstarter) to seed an expansion of their Space 1889 line, including some Martian creatures unique to the setting.

Like a sucker, I fell for it! Full details are here.

Here's a photo and some illustrations to get your mojo going:

Friday, August 3, 2012

Where'd that miniature go?

Sometimes I wonder if all the project planning I do is actually any more productive than just throwing darts at a the order form. After my initial trial order for my 2mm India project, I followed up late last year with an order that I thought was filling in the gaps for the project, at least to the point where I'd have a few of everything. I might still be short the numbers I'd need for Panipat or some other large battle, but I'd at least have everything started.

Yet after spending July dutifully cleaning my 2mm and 15mm India figures and putting them back away in sorted boxes, I've spent the last few nights basing everything for 2mm. Except...I'm still missing entire unit types!

I've gone through my ACW, ECW, and fantasy 2mm boxes, and they aren't hiding there (although I did steal some more ABG-6 figures from the fantasy box and all the BG-18s from the 19C China box).

How'd I do that? My sheet of units clearly shows I needed some ABG-3s...but nothing. I'm short BG-2s as well - and I even had the bases for them sitting there for a year, waiting the figures, so how could I have NOT ordered enough of them? I knew I needed some ABG-4 and ABG-8s too...and zip.

The only good thing out of this is at least I did order all the replacement elephants I needed for the fantasy project; I raided it last year for the Hathnal units at Plassey.