Monday, August 22, 2011

Now Charlie Can Surf

A blitz over the weekend got my NVA base forces done. Now the NVA, VC, and Americans all have companies ready, and I can live without mortars and a few other bits and pieces for a while. Once they're sealed I'm at the next stage - actually playing with them! This is the first real project I've gotten to the gaming stage.

The whole company as seen from above (can you hear the Wagner?):
The company head on:
The company HQ (left) and Commissar (right). As the biggest Big Men in the company, I added the little red badge to their sun helmets. But no more!

A bunch of views of the various squads/fire teams:

And some views of the MG teams (one blurrier than the others):

Snipers and a two-man base (another Big Man or to turn the LMG into a HMG):
The rocket teams:

Sneak Peak:Still a work-in-progress, but the first Indian artillery piece is underway. The gunners need to be painted, and the dirt needs a wash in brown. The redoubt is meant to be portrayed as a hasty redoubt, made of dirt and wood. The redoubt as Irregular makes it is better suited for a permanent (stone) position, but I don't really see that for 18th century India.


  1. Looking great - that's quite a force you've got building now - loving the reddish earth tone on the bases too - very 'Nam!

    That redoubt looks good as well - so it's a scratch-build rather than the Irregular piece?

  2. No, sorry for the confusion, the redoubt is the Irregular piece, but I painted it up as a wood-reinforced construction, rather than the stone/concrete it looks like it's meant for.

    Thanks for the compliments on the Vietnam stuff, the red earth is Burnt Sienna paint.

  3. Ah! - really liking the paint-job, though - it makes it look quite different - should be just right for your purposes.

  4. Very little and very impressive, nice job!