Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Charlies Edges Towards the Water

If you've noticed most of my recent posts have been about new arrivals, rather than any progress on projects, it's been because I've had a mass of vehicles on the table for 3mm Vietnam (Charlie Don't Surf rules). It's been slow, getting a bit done on all of them every night, but I've now wrapped most of them up, and have some pictures to show off.

As always, clicking on the photos brings up a larger version, really recommended for some of these.

Here's everything en masse:

The NVA get their armour at last, some T-55's (top) and PT-76's (bottom):

I think the T-55's are some of O8's nicest stuff.

The riverine forces are starting to get ready too, here are 5 PBR's, the first one is South Vietnamese, the rest will get American stars as decals later.

I should have done a second one for the South Vietnamese navy, but I do have a sixth PBR that I forget to prep the first time around (everything else comes in 5's, but the PBR's in 6's - it was an honest mistake!).

M60 (top) and M48 (bottom) tanks. Some of the M-48's are done on urban bases, for Hue.

Some of my M113's and MCAV's, I need to do another 10 of each, but need to order them first.

Mortar carriers, can work for either M106's or M125's.

M109 SPA, LVTP-5's (have another 10 to do), and some trucks. Trying to decide if I should paint road lines on the pavement bases.

Some of the jeeps, some with RR's or MG's. They look better from a bit further away.

More trucks.

And I've also been working on the US helicopter fleet, but it's still a work in progress - weapons, unit markings, canopies (I hate canopies), and decaling are still needed.
Everything on the table right now.

Front row: OH-6, 2 Frogs, 2 Hogs, OH-58. Second row: 8 x UH-1D's. Third row: 6 x CH-46 Sea Knights. Fourth row: 2 x 2 Cobras.

Four OH-13's, 2 Cobra's in camouflage, 2 Frogs in camo, and 2 Hogs in a different colour scheme.
Nice close up of some of the slicks.

I also have to begin on some follow-ups for the air fleet - Chinooks, UH-1B's (medevacs, command ships, more transports), Choctaws, and all the close support aircraft. I also have some surprises coming for fans of 1980's TV.

And the next phase is now underway. After touching up my bases for all the above, I used the spare paint on the palette to begin the bases for my US infantry company.


  1. Looking great, especially the riverine craft, (although I think you need some sampans for them to take on!), and a great job on the choppers - what are you doing for the rotors? Acrylic disc or or merely the blades at rest?

    Oh, and the surprise? My guess is Airwolf...or maybe Blue Thunder?..... :-)

  2. I do need some sampans - have to figure out whether to try Scupley for them, or some of Microform's really small pleasure boats (e.g. a 1/2400 motor boat might do it).

    For rotors, the O8 choppers all come with acrylic discs pre-made, and I've ordered spares for the Tumbling Dice models as well.

    Not quite there on the surprise; for the helicopters there will be three "specials" and then another for a US special forces stand... Two of the three surprise choppers are done, had to pull them from the photos so I could wait for to catch up on the rest.

  3. Awwww, does that mean I don't win anything? I might just have to retreat to the Los Angeles underground, and get a certain 'Team' to help me after all.......or maybe go on a 'Tour of Duty' I getting any warmer?

  4. Getting warmer, but a lot of early 80's TV had major or minor characters who'd served in Vietnam and subsequently had uniquely marked vehicles...