Thursday, September 23, 2010

Funky Colour Schemes

This link was posted on The Miniatures Page today, it's a forum for plastic aircraft modellers I guess. This particular 46-page thread is about what-if paint schemes the members have come up with, either photos of models or illustrations, mainly for modern planes.

The link is to the last page, but it's worth the time to go through more or all of the site.

Some schemes are just modest variations of what's out there today, others are of special one-offs (final flight planes etc.), but some are right out there.

Which means they're great to "borrow" for some of my other plans - sci-fi sure, but mainly Victorian Sci-Fi, and Aeronef in particular. Maybe Iron Stars spaceships, but I picture them as pretty serious; maybe Land Ironclads too, but ground vehicles get pretty beat up in the course of a day.

But a tiger-skin painted zeppelin? Or hot green with hot blue with more serious blues and greens? Definitely worth trying out! I'd already come up with some national schemes while doodling around, now I'll see about integrating with some of my favourites from this site.


  1. The more colorful ones are obviously the toughest!

  2. That's what they want their opponents and own infantry to think! I went over this yesterday with my existing plans for aeronef colour schemes, not too much changed, other than the Japanese and Belgians got their schemes refined. The Belgians had been a woodlands camouflage scheme, but the Ta-153 someone did gave a way cooler variation of that.

    Some of the colour schemes will be for pirates, but I intend most to be for land ironclads. Many LI's will still be the usual gunmetal, steel, bronze/copper colours, but I think the Republic of China (in my universe) will terrify their enemies with tiger-skin ironclads. Hmmm, they seem to want to jump to the front of the painting table...