Saturday, May 14, 2011


So over six weeks have past since my last post, but it hasn't been an unproductive period, just a scattered one (and no real pics). My land VSF forces are now awaiting their Dullcoat protection, more 2mm terrain pieces are prepped for painting, another 40 aircraft are primed, another dozen (big 'uns) have been mounted, and a ton of SYW in India forces are about to get mounted tonight.

I also got some nice books on TYW, SYW and WSS uniforms, for another set of 2mm projects.

I even gamed Star Wars skirmishing over Easter with a brother and sister-in-law (their damn rebels won).

But it is April/May/June, my busiest and most tiring period for real life work, so pictures and more coherent posts will be scattered.


  1. I feel your pain - 'Real Life' is also recently severely impacting wargaming/modelling for me too - a few bits get done, but not enough really to Blog about - I'm thinking to switching over to running ideas over the pages of the Blog rather than picture-heavy full on posts....oh well, guess we just have to hang on in there....intrigued by your TYW/SYW/WSS ideas for 2mm though.....

  2. For TYW (and ECW for that matter, but I have those books already), you'll recall I did a "buy one of everything" purchase from the R-line of Irrregular's 2mm offerings, and spent a few evenings figuring out what figures would go for what types of units given my ideas for basing (turns out I can actually use tercios for tercios!).

    The SYW project is a future next-step from from SYW in India project, both of which also have Imagi-Nation plans (the pseudo-India one has its own blog). The WSS just seems like something I can probably do with my SYW stuff and a few new units, until I decide to jump in whole hog.