Monday, June 13, 2011


I'm entertaining myself with the cleverness of this post's title yet have the sneaking suspicion there was probably a better way to use it, as this post doesn't really have any tie-in with Imagi-nations. But since I'm up late unable to sleep after an unintentional 4 hour nap this evening, I thought I'd ruminate about a project idea I have had for a while that does at least cover many nations.

And for a change I don't have to buy anything or spend 100 years painting new stuff to undertake this project - I'll be able to do it as I finish my existing 100-year projects.

What my idea is, is to take an existing "most famous" battle and then refight it using its basic principles across multiple periods and genres. So an obvious couple are Waterloo and Gettysburg, but instead of Britain+Prussia vs. France, or North vs. South, it would be:

  • Seven Years War - France and Indian allies vs. the East India Company (2mm)

  • Seven Years War - Prussia vs. Austria and Russia (2mm)

  • Seven Years War - France vs. Hanover/Britain (2mm)

  • Victorian Science Fiction - say Germany vs. Britain (2mm)

  • Union vs. Confederates - but at Waterloo! (2 or 6mm)

  • Napoleonic France vs. Britain - but at Gettysburg! (6mm if the club goes for it)

  • Any variety of ancients - Alexander vs. India, Mongols vs. Poles (6mm)

  • English Civil War (2mm)

  • WWII - company vs. company (6mm)

  • WWII - division vs. division (3mm)

  • Cold War - division vs. division (3mm)

  • Vietnam (3mm)

  • Star Wars! (2mm)

  • Fantasy - Acheron vs. Valusia (2mm)

  • Fantasy - Naama vs. Cush (2mm)

  • Fantasy - traditional orcs vs. dwarves (6mm)

I've put the potential attackers (French, Confederates) first in the above list, where obvious. For some, it could go either way...e.g. the NVA assaulting a US ridgeline, or an American push to drive out the VC.

The "basic princples" would be the terrain layout, situation (attacker, defender), objectives, relative force strengths and proportion of arms (as best as can be done when translated over time), reinforcements, random events.

Anyone with forces ready to go should feel to steal this idea and let me know how it goes. Any other interesting battles to try this with?

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