Friday, July 8, 2011

Yay Pictures!

I finally took some pictures of what's on the painting table, as I've again skipped resuming work on my 3mm Vietnam project in favour of more scenics and terrain. As always, you can click on the photos for a larger image.

First up is an overview of 2mm and 3mm scenics, the 2mm bits in front are being prepped for SYW India in the northwest frontier (or double duty in the Middle East), and the 3mm pieces at the back are for Middle East tank battles.The 2mm pieces are from left to right: Irregular's castle, being done Crusader castle or Afghan fort style; Middle East town; Middle East village. The 3mm bits are the resin buildings by a company I can't remember (and is out of business) available from Picoarmor (NOT the SPC Wargames Scenery stuff). They aren't very good, but servicable for a battle-scarred landscape. I have some of their Vietnam boats and F-106 (or was it the 102), and the resin is pretty poorly cast, with lots of work needed. Picoarmor was good with this though, and some items were so bad they eventually refused to sell them when they couldn't get good casts.

Everything has been given a couple coats for the "sand" and at least one coat for the roads and town centres. The sand will be drybrushed later with the lighter coat used for the roads. I've also given the windows a quick hit with grey so I remember where they are once I start painting the buildings.

Here's another view of the 3mm pieces:
And here are some bridges from SPC Wargames Scenery (or whatever they call themselves now, they used to be Simply 6):I'm not quite happy yet with the paler grey used to paint the tops of the railings, I need to darken that a bit. The road on the grey bridge got a bit messed up when i tried a wash, so it needs some help too. The red brick bridge will be for 3mm ACW, the other one will be for ACW or Europe, as needed.

In the background you can see my first 2mm castle, still awaiting final touches. I have a third, to be painted in an Indian Red Fort of Agra style. I also have a couple of Irregular's Vauban fortresses mounted and primed, one to be done for India (red stone), the other for Europe (grey stone). You can see one of them in the back right in the first picture above.

The church on the left you've seen before, but it's now done. It's shiny because it's had a coat of Future Floor Polish, but not Dullcote yet.The ruins are a work in progress still, hence why the church hasn't had a final Dullcoting. I have a bunch more individual ruins or intact houses primed, they're just awaiting space on the table.

And finally for today, some Afghan mercenaries for my 2mm SYW in India project (seen the last time I posted pictures). They've had the sand coat, and are awaiting dirt and grass.

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