Monday, September 26, 2011

2mm Star Wars Works in Progress

I've shown off some pictures before of my 2mm Star Wars project as I've been working on painting the bases. I'm still working on the green bases (for temperate worlds), and a few test runs of the snow bases, and to keep my enthusiasm up, I've dabbled with painting some of the figures themselves, "as pilot projects" mind you.

Here are some of the works in progress. The bases aren't finished, and I'm not entirely happy with the texture of some of them, but like I said, I needed a break from two weeks of painting one shade of green and one shade of white!

The Rebels at least have the sense to camouflage their speeders on temperate worlds. I still have to do the detailing - cockpit, blasters, engines, but the camo's done, just a simple two-greens scheme.

The Stormtroopers of course just challenge you to shoot them, in the "we're so dangerous we make it easy to see us, fool" school of camouflage (c.f. Cylons). Besides tidying up the bases, I need to add a simple black line to show where the rifles are. It's actually easier to see where the rifles are supposed to be after the wash (black) and drybrush (white); before I couldn't even figure out where the front of the base was.

Gaming distance shot:
The AT-ST's also don't believe in camo. I've painted these a lighter shade of gray than the snow AT-AT's and AT-ST's, as you'll see below. I thought it contrasted better. Still need to detail these:
And the snow walkers:The base coat needs another application, then I can get into detailing and drybrushing.

I think I'm almost out of the green phase other than touch-ups, just a bunch more of the Hoth units and then I can paint the figures en masse (unless I get distracted...).


  1. Great to see the progress on these - the 'snow' speeders in particular are very effective - remind me, they're an out-of-production fighter from somewhere aren't they?

    Can't go wrong with those Germy 2mm At-At-alikes either - looking forward to more pics as they come of the production line.

  2. The speeders were originally star fighters from DLD Productions, which seem to be out of business permanently now. I'd originally purchsed them as A Wing stand-ins. Unfortunately I used all mine up as speeders. I can probably get the name of the starfighter if you want to canvas around TMP or Ebay for anyone with spares.

    I've gotten all the green-based stormtroopers done, and a platoon each of Imperial Guard and Mandalorian mercenaries. Will work on pics shortly.