Sunday, February 5, 2012

Painting Table Update

This is the second of two belated blog updates I'm posting, although this one is doubly belated as I was defeated in an effort to post it yesterday. These are some photos, already somewhat out of date, of my ongoing practice painting in 25/28mm.

Some of my old D&D heroes, including Ordant of the Five Hands (second from left) and Swerlin the Magician on the right. The lizard king's been finished now, with some nice yellow eyes and dirty toenails.

Three dwarves:

A couple of elves centering a bike-riding ape. For some sort of sci-fi or post-apoc gaming, haven't quite decided what to do with my monkeys, particularly as I'm doing more in 15mm now. So post-apoc is in the lead at the moment. Plus they're fun!

And here's another shot of my practice Earthman on Mars figure. I need to work on the flesh a bit more, but I'm happy with it so far. Eyes, not so much. In fact, that's one reason I've been avoiding painting, I really hate doing the eyes!

In terms of my New Year's resolution, I'm still obviously working on 25/28mm painting before finishing up the 6mm that's on the table. I hope to only spend another couple of weeks on these test projects.

I'm supposed to be wrapping up cardboard terrain, and should in the next day or so. I gave myself a bit more time since for most of January I was only home to sleep, shower, and change clothes. Next up on the B table is prepping aircraft.

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