Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New 2mm Goodies from Irregular

It's been a good few months for 2mm fans, with Irregular's earlier release of horse and musket columns, and flagless versions of their H&M line troops. Now they've released some cool new terrain bits for us, which I'll be using for some 2mm fantasy and 18C India, and probably in other projects too.

I've liberated this pics from Irregular's page, since their frames won't let me link to them directly. Town (or large castle) walls:

Vauban style town walls and bits:

Modern buildings, although in this case that really means for any time in the 20th century and beyond. Some may even work for the 19th century, if you paint them in suitably Victorian industrial colours.


  1. I was all over this news announcement too - I think those Vauban bits are going to be the business - should be spot on for a bit of your 18th Century stuff - although from the pictures, it seems the ruined versions of the modern buildings are probably a bit better than their 'whole' versions - anyway, great to see the range expanding!

  2. Yes, it's great to see. I'll order a test set of the Vauban kit for my 18/19C Euro city (glad I didn't get anywhere this summer building it!), but I'll need a ton of the medieval walls and that's before I even think about 2mm ancients.