Monday, September 24, 2012

Pic-less Update

Given the lack of updates here, you'd think I wasn't doing anything, but it's actually been a couple of the most productive months I've had, at least in terms of getting things ready and in some cases painted. It's been so busy, I haven't had time (or room) to get some photos of all that's going on.

If you've been following my schedule for 2012, and its re-jigging, then you'll recall August was to be 6mm terrain month, and a lot got done. So much so, that I decided to bail on the rest of my non-painting schedule for 2012, and concentrate on finishing the 6mm stuff, and prepping ALL of my 6mm figures, across all projects. So that's 6mm WWII, sci-fi, fantasy, and ACW. Along the way, some new (and final) 15mm 18th century India figures are getting done, as well as all my new 15mm sci-fi. If there's time, the rest of my 15mm will get done too, before 2013.

My goal for the abandonment of the plan is to take a big chunk out of my huge backlog of metal, and then spend 2013 only painting. I noted before that despite my plan for 2012, the terrain work was getting all the attention, and my painting table hasn't been used since March. Even the painting I'm doing now has been downstairs at my bigger "building stuff" table. So I want to have nothing really left to do next year BUT paint.

If I get super far ahead of schedule this fall, I'll keep rolling through my aircraft, 28mm pulp and sci-fi projects.

I hope to get some pictures up this week, I've been having fun customizing some of Gamecraft's 6mm buildings and ruins, so they'll probably be first.

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