Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Empires at War 15mm Buildings

Recently these Empires at War 15mm timber-framed ECW-ish buildings came to my attention, so I ordered the three available thinking they were DIY kits, like most mdf buildings are.  Imagine my surprise to find out that EAW assembles them for you!

They came super-quick from the UK, and thanks to Mick at EAW asking at the post office about economy postage, super cheaply for shipping.

I did have to use a bit of brush-on matte varnish to take away the shine of some glue stains, and I also used brown and black markers to cover up some spots where the originally tan-ish mdf shows through (most mdf kits have this issue, and I usually do the same thing to them too).  But otherwise they're great, and I've talked to Mick about some colour variation in the roof and/or chimney location, so I can get a few more to serve as part of my urban table for ECW skirmish gaming with Song of Drums and Shakos (my self-titled Song of Pikes and Matches variant).

So the short version is "very recommended!".


  1. Very interesting!. What changes has you made to use SDS with musket and pikes?
    It sound very promising.

  2. Thanks guys, guess I should have posted a link to the stuff too:

    I also got one of their Normandy buildings for later period gaming, but it is a DIY kit, so it's on the to-do pile at the moment. Looks nice though, a bit of a change from my 4Ground stuff.

  3. Slorn - this still needs to be tested (still need to paint some ECW figs!), but my house rules for the period are pretty simple:
    (1) Roll 2 or 3 ones during Activation means your match has gone out, takes one action to re-light it (applies to infantry and dragoons only; others have flintlocks/snapchances).
    (2) ALL firearms (except bows) cannot be fired in the same turn they are reloaded [not just rifles].
    (3) One reason I went with SDS rather than Flashing Steel for the period was SDS has armour options, so: Fully armoured cuirassiers (Haselrigge's Lobsters, KGP etc.) get Cuirass plus a higher combat value; Back-and-Breast armoured guys get Cuirass and a regular Combat value; guys in buffcoats get a regular Combat value; guys in no armour get a lower Combat value. I've rated about 70 types of guys, from lousy officers to drunken clubmen, so it makes more sense as part of that continuum.

    I may use the Heavy Arquebus/Musket trait from Flashing Steel for the Thirty Years War period. And perversely enough, I will use Flashing Steel for pirates and Three Musketeers gaming, where things are cinematic, but for bread and butter ECW/TYW skirmishes, I like the range SDS has.