Thursday, June 21, 2018

15mm Samurai Kickstarter

Just a heads up that a cool Kickstarter has launched recently for 15mm Samurai, sculpted by Chip Mann who has done a lot (maybe all) of the Battle Valor sculpting.  There are a lot of figures in this KS that we don't have yet for 15mm, particularly the ronin (aka casually dressed samurai), bandits (haphazardly dressed samurai), and (wait for it) undead samurai!

Make sure you scroll down to the add-ons too, as there's stuff available there (ninjas!) that isn't included in the four sets.  And the stretch goals have some great potential too.  I'm in for a few sets and a bunch of add-on packs.

The KS is here, please think about checking it out:
15mm Samurai Fantasy Skirmish

My current 15mm samurai project has some Lancashire and Museum Miniatures, with some armed peasants and working peasants, but not much else for colour.  These KS figs will be great for bringing some of the legendary samurai movies to life. 

My rules of choice are Busho No Yume, which uses the Song of Blades and Heroes rules system, but Ronin and Daisho and several others would also work, there's even been a variant for Sharp Practice set in Japan.

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