Monday, February 25, 2019

Quick Post of Gundam WiP

As I prep for running these guys in a convention game at the end of March, here are some pics of the ready teams of Zeon Mobile Suits and their Earth Federation Forces opponents.  With some WWII buildings and Brigade Models UK Martian buildings thrown in for scale.  Also some 6mm (Z-scale?) model train figs I picked up ages ago.  One group looks suspiciously like a bunch of meddling kids...


  1. Models look amazing! Have you ever heard of Mobile Suit Skirmish?

  2. Hi OS - actually I just came across it this week. I ran my game with Samurai Robot Battle Royale last Saturday, and one of my players wanted some resources for the game and setting, so I was sharing some links, and one of my searches on the Lead Adventure Forum turned up the Skirmish forum.

  3. A very nice collection of Gundams!