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Details - True North LardEhs Game Day, May 30 2020 in Hamilton, Ontario

Updated 20-05-07 - Postponed!  Unfortunately, but not unexpectedly, we've had to postpone the LardEhs Game Day until probably the fall.  More details on the new event will come in the future, for now though I'll leave most of this here so we can all remember how cool it was going to be... (and so I can re-purpose the information in the fall!)

My poor half-abandoned blog finally gets some attention as I’d like to provide a central place for details on a TooFatLardies Game Day Barnaby from the Hamilton Tabletop Gaming Society (HTGS) and I are organizing for this spring.

I expect most coming to this page already know what a TFL Game Day (aka Lard Day or Lardie Day) is, but it’s basically a game show/convention featuring TooFatLardies rules (and the affiliated Reisswitz Press), and a dash (or more) of adult beverages and curry. Most (if not all) Lard Days in the UK are standalone events, in the US they’re a mix of standalone or affiliated with a larger convention.

We’re hedging our bets to start one up here in southern Ontario, so we’re starting with the LardAmerica model and our first True North LardEhs Game Day will be part of the Hamilton Tabletop Gaming Society’s Broadsword 10 convention, running over the weekend of May 29-31, with our LardEhs Day happening on the 30th (Saturday). Eventually we’d like to try a standalone LardEhs Day in the future, but we’re gauging interest with this first one.

We’ve had great support from the TooFatLardies already, and our modest goals of two TFL games in each of the three Saturday timeslots has already been exceeded thanks to some great GMs stepping up as we covertly started talking to people about running games.

So our initial schedule (subject to change and more specifics for all the games still to come) is:
Saturday Morning (9:30-1:30)
What a Tanker (Howard T.)
Chain of Command (Thomas S.)

Saturday Afternoon (2:00-6:00)
I Ain’t Been Shot Mum! (Evan L.)
They Couldn't Hit an Elephant [ACW big battle] (Brian H.)
Dux Britanniarum (Cain C.)
Sharp Practice or Chain of Command (Sean M.)
They Don't Like It Up 'Em! (Lee v.S.)

Saturday Evening (7:00-11:00)
Coastal Patrol (Howard T.)
ACW Sharp Practice 2 (me!)

There’s at least one more game we’re landing on the what and where for. Howard’s games will also be king of the hill/re-spawning type scenarios, so you’re never quite out and people can drop in throughout the timeslot.

We’re still working on other details and a logo is in the works, but here’s a Q&A which will hopefully cover some of what you’ll want to know (and please contact me with any other questions you may have or to express interest in GMing or playing).

$15 for the Saturday at Broadsword, which also happens to be the cost for the whole convention, so feel free to come for the whole weekend! There isn’t a separate admission for the LardEhs Day, it’s all included with entry to Broadsword. (admission fee is waived for GMs)

Royal Hamilton Light Infantry Veteran's Association on Barton Street in Hamilton 

Here are a couple of suggestions from the HTGS:
Four Points By Sheraton Hamilton - Stoney Creek
49 Goderich Rd, Hamilton, ON L8E 4W8

Sandman Hotel Hamilton
560 Centennial Pkwy N, Hamilton, ON L8E 0G2

Do you still want GMs?
Yes! Please reach out to me (e-mail below) and we’ll chat. Anything from the TFL and Reisswitz Press libraries, or anything from the TFL Specials and Lard Magazine is welcome. If you’ve home-brewed a variant period for one of the TFL systems, that’s welcome too.

Do you want players?
Yes! We’d love to meet TFL players, particularly new ones we haven’t crossed paths with before, or those who are coming in from further away to play TFL games. Please reach out to us if you are coming from further away and we’ll strive to make sure you get into the Lard. You’re also welcome to enjoy the other Broadsword games going on.

Will there be curry?
Maybe!  With the three-timeslot day planned and the apparent lack of a nearby curry house, having a group meal won’t work this time around BUT we might be able to get curry on the menu with the canteen's caterer.

We do have plans though to make curry happen, even if we have to get it brought in, for a standalone Lard day.

But in terms of food for Broadsword, the RHLI hall's canteen will have lots of hot food options throughout the weekend, and there is a nearby mall with other options if you’d like to get out for a bit between games. The RHLI is also licensed. So while curry is a bit up in the air at this time, you won’t starve or go dry (but please remember to be responsible if you are also driving).

What else will be happening as part of the LardEhs Day?
  • We’ll have banners and signage up to identify our little section of Broadsword, feel free to hang around and chat about Lard! 
  • I’ll be doing photos and social media on the day, feel free to join in, or if you can’t make it, follow along! I’ll be using #lardehs and #spreadthelard on Twitter, and posting on the Frozen Lard FB page. 
  • I’ll be doing some interviews with players and GMs to submit to TFL’s Oddcast podcast. 
  • We plan on having some sort of raffle or draw for participants. 
  • We’ll ask participants to fill out a survey to help guide us in future LardEhs Days.
What if I’ve love to come but can’t make Broadsword?
Please reach out (e-mail below) and I’ll let you know what our plans are post-LardEhs Day #1. Barnaby is also available through the HTGS Facebook page. If you’d like to help us craft what future LardEhs Days look like, I can send you the survey for your input. There’s also the Frozen Lard Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/frozenlard/) for fans of TFL in Canada, and we’ll always post any news there.

So what’s this all about really?
Because I’m anal about these things, and sometimes have to write minute-by-minute agendas for media and VIP events, Barnaby and I came up with a mission statement: As part of Broadsword 2020, we are looking to put together a one-day TooFatLardies (TFL) themed event, using TFL rules in games by and for old and new fans of the systems. We are also using this first small event to gauge interest in a future standalone annual Lardie game day based on the UK model for Lard days. We’re encouraging the breadth of the TFL catalogue be brought out as games and welcome forays into a diversity of periods using those rules, including games/variants published in TFL Specials and Lard Magazine.

Links and Contacts:

HTGS Website

HTGS Facebook Page

Broadsword 10 Facebook Page

Frozen Lard on Facebook

To contact me, I can be reached at chrisrobinson AT nexicom DOT net or on the event FB page once it’s up (or the Broadsword FB page).

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