Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Story So Far, Part III - 6mm WWII

Alright, I know this is two posts in one day, but along with what follows, I have one more I "catch-up" piece I wanted to get up before Christmas and I don't think I'll have time on the 24th. After Christmas I hope to start with current affairs.

WWII is another one of my favourite history subjects, and as I mentioned in my first post, my first purchase when I wanted to get serious about miniatures were some GHQ Combat Commands. Along with historical engagements, I'm interested in playing out some hypothetical battles under the alternative history of WWIII breaking out in 1945 (more to come on the background for that in a future post).

It took me a while to get these first American units done, 16 M4A3 Shermans and various other odds and ends (not all shown here). I have some Russian and British forces on the workbench, then I start on the infantry for all three sides. The rules of choice will be I Ain't Been Shot, Mum! by Too Fat Lardies.

This is just a simple set up from a variety of angles, using some cardboard buildings to provide a setting. After yesterday's experiences in photography, I went without a flash and liked the results better. There is one exception, explained below.

This is a test with the flash back on. I still prefer the darker images without the flash, which I think more reflects how they're seen on the gaming table. But I did want to show off a bit my efforts to muddy and rust them up, which shows better here than in the pic above.


  1. I agree that the flash makes the mud stand out more. Are these micromachine repaints or actual GHQ models? I also do microarmor. We did a big vietnam game back before this past summer at my house and played the battle of st. vith a few times too.

  2. They're GHQ (in these pics, have some C-inC too). I'm waiting for Too Fat Lardies to get their Vietnam rules out ("Charlie Don't Surf") before I get into Vietnam. Was going to do it in 6mm, but just the other day Oddzial Osmy announced they're doing it in 3mm, so I may try smaller (and cheaper).

  3. I already have the 1/285 scale stuff for it so I do it in that scale when in microscale. I also do it in 20mm and (whenever I get around to painting the Peter Pig stuff, in 15mm). If you check out my blog there are a few pictures on there of the game and I think I put all of them on fields of fire reloaded. The paper terrain actually looks really good in these pictures. BTW I know GHQ is coming out with their TUSK M1A2s soon (if they haven't already came out).

  4. http://armchairgeneral1.blogspot.com/2009/08/vietnam-games-past.html there's the link of several games I had this last year.