Wednesday, December 30, 2009

By Your Command

Just a quick post of some original series Battlestars and Basestars (and one new series Battlestar that served as a guinea pig). These are from Studio Bergstrom and are for fleet scale battles; I also have his BSG fleet scale fighters after a merry Christmas to me shopping blitz in early December.

These are after painting, before Futuring and Dullcoting. One battlestar (middle) will be the Pegasus, the other the Galactica (left).

I had a good night working through some 2mm miniatures for Kull and Imaro, will post those when I have a good collection to show off, hopefully tomorrow. I've also bought some new storage shelves, to help reduce clutter and minimize anger at having useful things in inaccessible places and useless things getting in my way all the time!

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