Friday, June 4, 2010

Back on the Table Again

Had a good night last night working on 3mm Vietnam bases, the first time in about 6 weeks I'd been at the table, due to the previously mentioned work overload and sleep underload, and a bit of lack of focus. Finally broke open the DAS bag to model some terrain on the heavy weapons bases; the figures look a bit lonely kneeling in trenches or behind trees that end in the middle of nowhere. So I used the clay to extend the trees and trenches/berms, or convert the trees to trenches. I even managed to simulate tall grass with one base, matching the figure.

Less scary and time-consuming than I'd thought, although I had to break open two bags of DAS, as the one I think I bought in the late 1990's had gone bad, the newer one was fine.

I got so far along I even started up some more terrain bases on pennies. Since most of the Vietnam scenarios will feature large stretches of similar terrain (e.g. jungles), I'll use felt to delineate the terrain, then small terrain pieces to give the felt some feel. However, when I want to show something other than the background terrain, I'm working on small terrain pieces on pennies. So for example, a clearing in the jungle would be some yellow grass on the penny. Or as I worked on last night, some huts and a lone palm tree.

Pics to come later.

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