Sunday, June 20, 2010

Charlie Starts Surfing

Some of my stands for Charlie Don't Surf are finally coming along, so I thought I'd post the current state of affairs as a Work In Progress. The US vehicles are done except for sealing, the VC units need to be touched up then drybrushed on the base, then some shrubberies added.

I've thrown some other scenic bases I've been working on into the photos as well, they'll be used on top of felt to either identify terrain (e.g. open fields) or exceptions to the underlying terrain (e.g. an opening in the jungle).

As always, clicking on the photo brings up a bigger image. It was tough getting good shots, so you'll have to excuse some fuzziness.

The US vehicles en masse, 5 Bulldogs, 5 Sheridans, 3 M577's, one done up as a first aid vehicle.

The Sheridans and M577's closer up.

The Bulldogs closer up, also doubling as ARVN vehicles.

The VC forces en masse - one company of 3 platoons, plus MG's, RPG's, snipers, and commanders.

The nefarious VC Captain So Wat, showing off the spiffy grey Mao jacket he picked up on his last trip up north. I'll be the only one who ever sees this, but I painted him clasping his hands behind his back (manical giggling couldn't be portrayed).

One VC platoon, and a bit of another. The Dullcote seal should take off some of the shininess from their weapons.

Somewhat fuzzy RPG teams, peering through the brush.

VC LMG's, with a HMG denoted by the extra two men attached. At least until O8 makes some proper heavy AA MG's.

A rear shot of the VC, showing off their webbing and rucksacks.

Another angle of the US vehicles, plus what's up next. More US vehicles, plus some PT-76's for the NVA. The grey bases are those vehicles that will be gamed on pavement.

Another shot of the to-do collection.


  1. Fantastic work there, I was a bit sceptical about portraying 'irregular' troops in this scale, but your bases have really nailed them; those coolie-style hats really stand out.
    Can't wait to see more!

  2. You might think about giving your bases a light yellow drybruch. It will make the American troops pop out and will help fade the bases into your backgrounf mat.

    Nice stuff, especially the NVA!