Friday, February 25, 2011

Hangar 18 Scenics

A while ago on The Miniatures Page a link to some photos of some cool new spaceship/airship lines was posted, followed later by news they were available. The company is Hangar 18 FASA and once they were in business I placed an order and it arrived yesterday.

My first order included some from their Sky Kings WWII range, sort of a Weird War II thing, but also a lot like the board wargame Hard Vacuum, or the brief RPG Rocketship Empires. I picked up a scattering of ships from that range, without a real plan in place, I have both HV and RSE, and I had at one point started a Starmada conversion of RSE, although I now think Silent Death is better for that universe. I just need some Space Spitfires!

Along with the ships though I also got one of the line's bases, a power generating station, for use with my 2mm Star Wars project - yes, for Hoth.

Here's what it looks like out of the box:
The casting is good, hardly any work will be needed. Not sure what to do about the steep jigsaw puzzle sides; I'll probably mount on a base and use polyfil or the like to make it a natural slope. It looks like a pretty good fit for 2mm, I'll probably get more for other Star Wars or 2mm sci-fi projects; but the pieces are bit too modern for VSF - pulp is probably the earliest I'd use them for.

On the other hand, I also got one of his Flash Gordon terrain pieces - Vulcania - specifically to try with VSF (Land Ironclads, Aeronef). Here's the naked shot out of the box:
There's actually a separate piece that adds to one of the buildings, but I'm not sure I'll use it, it looks ready to go to me. I think I'll use it for my VSF Venus, which uses a lot of Space 1889's Mars (my Mars is like Wells'). This could be the fortress or palace of a Venuvian king. It's slightly too small for proper 2mm, but would work as an objective to defend or capture for Land Ironclads; you wouldn't want troops fighting on top of it. For Aeronef though it's perfect.

All in all, yet another place to spend money! Rob from Hangar 18 does have a rewards program, which makes it an even more compelling place to shop at. I'll post some pics of the ships once done, but his site does a good job of showing what you'll get (lots there for you War Rocket fans too).


  1. Those are nice - particularly the Vulcania - very tempting......

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