Monday, March 14, 2011

Missed one!

In my pic parade last week I forgot this in-progress picture of Irregular's 2mm castle:This is painted up as a generic medieval/fantasy castle, it's actually a light gray, not white. Some of the interior buildings will be wood, and I need to fix the lip on the road where the piece's base meets the wood bases. I also need to work on dry-brushing this, there are some finer features in piece that don't show up well.

I've got a couple more on order, one to do as a red fort from India, the other more malicious-looking.


  1. One of my favourite pieces from Irregular - alongside the Barbarian Village with the roundhuts - that's a cracker as well.

  2. Have you had much success at pulling out some of the detail? E.g. the battlements, which are rather faintly visible on some stretches of wall.

    I haven't picked up the barbarian village...yet. I thought I could do well enough scratchbuilding it, or at least the huts. I do have a good supply of 2mm terrain coming from Irregular, hopefully at the end of the month, which will also include my "buy a couple of everything from the renaissance line that I don't have yet" plan - hopefully it doesn't drive Ian et al. crazy!

  3. Hiya, sounds good about the Rennaissance stuff - and don't worry about Ian and the gang - any company crazy enough to come up with 2mm in the first place will be used to the strange demands of the likes of us!

    Battlements wise, yes, the sculpting is a bit generic in areas - I found layers of grey drybrushing worked best - medium grey, light grey, silver grey - any attempts to outline otherwise tended to obscure everything, and make it look a bit odd...