Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mostly VSF

I'm out of town for a few days, so here are some shots of things that have progressed over the last couple of days.

The Ottoman and Imperial Chinese land ironclads have progressed to the touch up phase, with some muddy tracks added to liven up the bases a bit. The bases need the most work at the moment.

The French fort-house has also gotten to the touch-up phase, although the main door needs some work. I was trying for a massive timber beam door look, and instead I got a Caramilk bar gone wrong. The windows also need their frames.

Two of the French Victorian SPG's are done except for windows and doors on the cab, and touching up.
The 2mm Hoth ion cannon piece is also at the clean-up stage. I went with some metallic pipes and wiring, not exactly well-camouflaged, but it breaks up the white, and I can see the piece being needed for double duty at some point.
And finally, for fun, I started painting up some of the 3mm Microform Models cars I got back in the summer. These are for 3mm Vietnam, but will be for other eras as well. On the left is a hatchback, in my mind it's a Pinto, the middle two are VW Beetles, painted up as my parent's first two cars. The overexposed one on the left is a baby blue colour. And on the far right is what I'm calling a '57 Chevy Convertible, in a turquise base colour. I have another couple on hand, one for a AK-47 dictator's personal ride.

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  1. Hey CRJ, I'm the designer of the "Objects May Appear" models, I'm glad you like 'em, and I love how you've painted them.

    You might be interested in a VSF ship design contest I'm helping with. The prize includes a 3D print of your model: