Friday, March 11, 2016

Reaper CAV-mass

Ok, so this post isn't about dinosaur scale issues like I promised in the last post, in part because I've done some research and I think I can resolve the issues (actually, I don't have any issues as it turns out), so now I need to do a highly scientific fact-checked post on the sizes of dinosaurs and my models.

The other reason is that it was Christmas in March yesterday when my Reaper CAV Kickstarter package arrived yesterday!

Over 90 stompy 10mm mecha, aircraft and tanks, plus bases, all in one box of joy.  Here's the mass of mecha and tanks unloaded on a spare bed:
And here's all the bases for them - the mecha come with small integral bases that slip into the slightly bigger hex bases:
I got every ID'ed and counted last night, and I had my entire order, it sounds like one tank type was in short supply and is being sent later to some backers, but I had mine (ducks!).  Interestingly, while my add-ons and stretch figures were in the grey Bones plastic that is the production material, my core set of mecha are in the original run white Bones.  The models seemed flash and mold-line free from my initial inspection, so other than some droopy gun barrels that need to be given the hot water-cold water treatment, they should be good to go.

My planned project for these will use Ganesha Games' Samurai Robots Battle Royale, with Mech Attack being my backup rules if I want something crunchier - I'm using them for my faux-Battletech project with 6mm BT stuff.

My setting is a post-apocalyptic Earth, that fell apart with a whimper as oil and water resources disappeared, and North America collapsed in part to Chinese invaders, in part to warlordism (my invented word of the day), but still retains some remnant nation-states calling themselves the USA and Canada.  Mexico is also a player, and the United States of South America, Japan, India (why? because), and the UK will also show up, as allied mecha.

More on this later, right now I'm rolling around with my toys!

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