Wednesday, February 24, 2016

8th Wonder of the World, 1st Wonder of my Games Room

So I like Gamera - a lot.  I like Godzilla - a lot - and I consider the first Godzilla movie to be a classic. But my first and truest monster love will always be King Kong, and after some searching and a lucky find on eBay, not only did I get one for my 3" kaiju collection but he fits even better than I'd hoped.

Some researched showed me Konami had made a series of 3" 1933 retrospective figures as part of the 2005 King Kong release, and one of those was Kong on Skull Island, with a couple of hand options, either holding Ann Darrow or holding a big branch, mounted on a base with the dead tree he puts Ann in while he fights off the T-Rex.

The size fits my monster collection - although in the original movie Kong was at most supposed to be about 24' high, not the 150' he needs to be to fit in with Big G - but nothing else (other than the flying monsters) I have is based, and a 15mm Ann Darrow in hand wouldn't fit in with my 3mm infantry and tanks! So I was going to go with the branch-holding hand and hope for the best with regards the base.

I found a seller on eBay in China who had four of these left for sale, and I placed an order, and in a super-quick 10 days from China to Canada my Kong arrived Monday:
Here he is, looking as awesome as awesome can be (the figures are intentionally painted in glorious Black & White), and able to stand without a base!  And the Ann Darrow hand turned out to just hold her by his grip (not a peg and slot like I'd feared) so I'm able to use that instead of the one with the branch. Perfect!

Here he is with his favourite movie prop:
 And facing off against his main challenger for King of the World:
 King of the Monsters vs. King of the Beasts!
On the same day I went looking for another St. Peter's Basilica 3D puzzle (for reasons discussed in my last post) in a local dollar store, and found a bunch of nicely sized dinosaurs.  Here's KK vs. a T-Rex, they match nicely at the 1933 movie scale!
More on the dinosaurs in my next post, you can see them off to the side or in the background of some of these pictures.  While they will work, there are some scaling compatibility issues with them that I'll need to sort out.  I have some bigger Safari ones for 28mm, and I was hoping these new ones will work for 15mm - they will, but not necessarily with each other!

For the Mighty Monster rules I wanted to beef up the "Giant Gorilla" listed at the back, as that rating was 180 points less than Godzilla, making it nearly impossible for Kong to face off against Big G and at a disadvantage against many of the other monsters I've statted up. Fortunately the ratings how-to in the book had some other suggestions specific to a giant gorilla and I'd just watched the 1933 movie again recently, so here's how I have him now:

Name: King Kong, 8th Wonder of the World  
Point Value: 375

Head: Q = 3   C = 2  Fangs, Intimidation
Body: Q = 3   C = 4
Arms: Q = 3   C = 4
Legs : Q = 3   C = 3

Other Special Rules:
1.  Massive
2.  Bellowing
3.  Grappler
4.  Charge
5.  Berserker
6.  Very Tough

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