Wednesday, September 21, 2016

15mm Skirmish Napoleonics Ready at Last!

Just a quick-hitter of an update here, posting some eye-candy of my 15mm Napoleonics as their basing was finished and they underwent Dullcoting in anticipation of getting into action this summer in games of Songs of Drums and Shakos.  I have one band of French in great coats for the winter, and two bands for all other seasons, ditto for the Russians, though one of the "summer" forces is a unit of Jagers.  For the British I have line/light troops and of course the 95th Rifles.

Amongst the cavalry are French hussars and dragoons, Scots Greys, and lots of cossacks.  More to paint, but I've had for a while now enough to game, and this weekend I'm off to KEGSCon in southwestern Ontario to run a half dozen SDS scenarios.  The layout for the first scenario, "Stop Shooting Those Cannons At Me" is the bottom pic.  I should have pictures from the event next week, plus more on the set-ups.


  1. Chris: Are the eastern European buildings paper models or laser cut MDF?

    Thanks, Jeff

  2. Hi Jeff - the six outlying buildings (there's a seventh too, not used here) are 4Ground MDF buildings. The church is a 3D card (or maybe compressed foam) item from a company called "Clever Paper" in Russia, available here:

    They have a fair bit available in 1/87 (HO) and 1/100 scales, as well as other sizes.