Friday, September 30, 2016

Quick Kaiju City for My Nephew

My nephew and fellow giant monster movie fan, Theo, has a birthday this weekend, and a few of the things he's getting from me are some 3" gashapon monsters - "Godzilla Raids Again" Godzilla (aka the one with the fangs), 1990s Godzilla, and 1970s Mechagodzilla.  He already has Godzilla 2014 and one or two of the MUTOs, and has played Mighty Monsters with me a few times with my stash and in-progress city terrain.

So to compliment his toys, and give him something to practice his gaming with (he likes to make up his own rules for games, always to his own benefit), I quickly put together this table for him last night:

The base is just black foamboard, and the buildings are cut-outs from some Figures in Comfort transportation cases I got a few weeks ago.  Conveniently enough, the cut-outs all have peel-away sticker on the bottom of them, which made this pretty easy to put together.  There's space on the left for his own buildings or other terrain, and the streets are wide enough for the figures (and their tails!), and should be pretty indestructible, even if his younger brother gets ahold of it!

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