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Take 3 of the LardEhs Game Day in Hamilton - November 27, 2021!

I'm recycling a lot from my previous posting for the LardEhs game day Barnaby Ore and I planned for May 2020 (and November 2020) as some basic elements haven't changed as we've finally landed on a date for our third attempt at this inaugural event - November 27, 2021.

Many will already know what a TFL Game Day (aka Lard Day or Lardie Day) is, but it’s basically a game show/convention featuring TooFatLardies rules (and the affiliated Reisswitz Press), and a dash (or more) of adult beverages and hearty/spicy foood. Most (if not all) Lard Days in the UK are standalone events, in the US they’re a mix of standalone or affiliated with a larger convention.

With all the changes going on thanks to COVID, we're now trying this as a one-day standalone event, with two timeslots with a minimum of four games of four players plus a GM in each.  That may get tweaked a bit as we hear about games and GMs, but that's the basic idea.  We're also asking for pre-registration for the event by e-mailing me, both to get an idea of attendance and to help plan for the safety measures we'll need to have in place.  We're looking at 20 attendees as our baseline, plus a few helpers, in both of the traditional Broadsword rooms at the hall.  As COVID restrictions ease or tighten we may have to tweak that, but we're working from what we know now.

We plan to have a long lunch break with some socially distanced schmoozing, there are a lot of food opportunities within walking distance of the hall.  If the situation permits, we're looking at a curry dinner too.


Satrday Morning Timeslot (9:30-1:30)
Lunch (1:30-3:00)
Saturday Afternoon Timeslot (3:00-7:00)
Optional Dinner (7:30+)

Royal Hamilton Light Infantry Veteran's Association on Barton Street in Hamilton 

Play 2 Games - $10
Play 1 Game/GM 1 Game - $5
GM 2 Games - Free!

Here are a couple of suggestions from the HTGS:
Four Points By Sheraton Hamilton - Stoney Creek
49 Goderich Rd, Hamilton, ON L8E 4W8

Sandman Hotel Hamilton
560 Centennial Pkwy N, Hamilton, ON L8E 0G2

Do you still want GMs?
Yes! Please reach out to me (e-mail below) and we’ll chat. Anything from the TFL and Reisswitz Press libraries, or anything from the TFL Specials and Lard Magazine is welcome. If you’ve home-brewed a variant period for one of the TFL systems, that’s welcome too.

Do you want players?
Yes! We’d love to meet TFL players, particularly new ones we haven’t crossed paths with before.

Will there be curry?

Will there be pints?
Yes, through the Association's bar downstairs.

Will the pre-registration have to be pre-paid?
No, we'll collect payment the day of (cash only please).

Can I pre-register for specific games?
With all the changes going on with COVID, we're expecting the unexpected and may have to have some back-up plans in place to deal with last minute changes in games and GMs.  What we're proposing to do is ask attendees list their favourite TFL rule sets (say a top 3 or 5) and then we'll match folks up on a first-registered, first-served basis as best we can.  We can't promise anything, but we hope this will come close to getting people into the games they like.

What will be the COVID-related requirements for attending?
We'll be following all provincial and municipal requirements, as well as those of the hall.  We currently expect those to include:
  • Self-screening prior to attending
  • An indoor mask requirement
  • Proof of vaccination (two doses plus 14 days since final dose)
  • Limited capacity (we'll be well under that for two rooms)

What else will be happening as part of the LardEhs Day?

  • We’ll have banners and signage up 
  • I’ll be doing photos and social media on the day, feel free to join in, or if you can’t make it, follow along! I’ll be using #lardehs and #spreadthelard on Twitter, and posting on the Frozen Lard FB page. 
  • I’ll be doing some interviews with players and GMs to submit to TFL’s Oddcast podcast. 
  • We plan on having some sort of raffle or draw for participants. 
  • We’ll ask participants to fill out a survey to help guide us in future LardEhs Days.

What if I’ve love to come but can’t make November 27?
Please reach out (e-mail below) and I’ll let you know what our plans are post-LardEhs Day #1. Barnaby is also available through the HTGS Facebook page. If you’d like to help us craft what future LardEhs Days look like, I can send you the survey for your input. There’s also the Frozen Lard Facebook group ( for fans of TFL in Canada, and we’ll always post any news there.

So what’s this all about really?
Because I’m anal about these things, and sometimes have to write minute-by-minute agendas for media and VIP events, Barnaby and I came up with a mission statement: We are looking to put together a one-day TooFatLardies (TFL) themed event, using TFL rules in games by and for old and new fans of the systems. We are also using this first small event to gauge interest in a future standalone annual Lardie game day based on the UK model for Lard days. We’re encouraging the breadth of the TFL catalogue be brought out as games and welcome forays into a diversity of periods using those rules, including games/variants published in TFL Specials and Lard Magazine.

Links and Contacts:

HTGS Website

HTGS Facebook Page

Frozen Lard on Facebook

We have a mailing list for the event, you can subscribe to it here:

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To contact me, I can be reached at chrisrobinson AT nexicom DOT net or on the event FB page once it’s up.

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