Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Welcome, my pretties

As mentioned, my order of D&D collectible miniature pre-painted plastic figures arrived yesterday (Monday). Mainly intended for adventures in the Thurian and Hyborian Ages with Warrior Heroes by Two Hour Wargames and Songs of Blades and Heroes by Ganesha Games, they can be used in other periods as well. There are still more to find - there's a better Thelo figure out there, and the best Thulsa Doom and a dire (grey) ape were out of stock when I ordered.

I'll supplement these with painted figures, I have a lot of old 25-28mm stuff around from the 1980's, plus I'll fill in with new stuff as needed (e.g. a better Brule will have to come from somewhere else).

Anyway, now for your consideration, I present:

Kull and Brule - yes, I know Brule carried a sword...and wore a kilt...and probably wasn't bald except for a ponytail...but this is as good as I could go in the mainly bi-racial (caucasian and asian) D&D lines. Kull is more the primitive Kull here, I imagine he's about to chop one of the stone tablets that stores Valusia's lengthy marriage codes. If needed, either of the two Conan figures below can sub in, I'm sure no one will call me on the eye colour...

Some new Thurian Age hereos: Thelo CurKail - freed gladiator (not his final figure, just a stand in for now), Dolyn from the Hills - soldier in the Royal Army, and Tjia the Half-man, double-sworded Thuranian freelancer (and runaway bride, of sorts). These all started life as RPG characters, so I'll present more background later.

Forces of the snakemen, using both lizardmen and snakemen from the D&D lines - the difference between a lizardman and a snake that walks seems pretty minor (unless your a snake or a lizard), so I'm using both freely. The bulkier looking lizards I'll call snakemen priests, i.e. the poorer fighters. The snakemen proper will be, well, snakemen warriors proper, a bit better with their skills (nunchuk skills, bow hunting skills, etc.).

Of course the snakemen need their leaders, from a snakeman chieftain to a high priestess to the Serpent that Speaks hissssself to an angry snake demon.

Some other forces of evil, leaders and sorcerers.

Not all their enemies will be of flesh or scales, some will be of bones (need more of dem bones tho).

Some of the creatures I picked up - armoured apes, an angry giant ape, and a demonic minotaur type guy.

Two versions of Conan (and backup Kulls) - his barbarian form and his soldierly/kingly form.

More characters, Conan liked his swordswomen.

And some others, including the four guardsmen on the left who will serve as Red Guards for now, even though they aren't too red. I like the swashbuckler, need to find some more of those.

My first battle will probably be a small re-creation of the battle between Kull and Brule and the snakemen from The Shadow Kingdom. Kull and Brule each add up to being their own warband pretty much, and I'll use all my snakey legions against them.

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