Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Jungle Love

With the pending publication of Charlie Don't Surf by TooFatLardies, I've been picking up miniatures (3mm Oddzial Osmy's from Picoarmor) and terrain bits for Vietnam. At another scale, back in January I picked up FNG by Two Hour Wargames, a skirmish-level Vietnam game I'll do in 20mm (mini's are on their way). Charlie Don't Surf is company level, similar to I Ain't Been Shot Mum.

On the terrain front, and also to help with 28mm VSF or Colonial skirmish gaming, I've been picking up some aquarium plant pieces, and today hit up a local dollar store (Dollarama) to see if they had anything. I did find aquarium plants, as well as regular plastic plants, that will do awesomely for the landscape of Venus or lost worlds on Earth (maybe even Vietnam too), but my real score were these for $2 apiece:
They're about 10x10", with 100 plastic grassy bits (elephant grass or maybe bamboo) per matt, snapped onto the underlying mat. I picked up 3, will probably go pick up more...they can be taken apart for customized stands, or I think the mat itself can be chopped up to create fields of elephant grass.

This will obviously work better for my 20mm stuff, this is a handy 25mm figure for scale. For those doing Charlie Don't Surf in larger scales than I, hopefully this is out there for you - going by the tag in the first pic, it seems to be a Dollarama special.

It will dwarf my 3mm guys, but perhaps I can call it bamboo and chop it down a bit, saving the cuttings for more scenery.


  1. I had found some stuff like this for fish tanks but cannot locate it anywhere outside of a specialty shop anymore.

  2. If it helps, these were in the gardening section, right beside some cheap ceramic frogs.