Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Statistics and Damn Statistics

Following my great planning pronouncements, I've promptly spent almost no time working on actual miniatures, other than wrapping up my 2010 cleaning of figures. I have, however, now got a great shelving system that has freed up workspace for actual work. Not only that, but I've trashed stuff that was filling up desk drawers, giving me even more space. I'll try to take a picture of the new Storeroom 2000 when I get a chance. I've even protected the room from the sun, so I can leave stuff out without sweating over fading paint.

In the meanwhile, I thought I'd start 2011 with a survey of the neat new stats I found this blog provider offers. I'd perused it last month, but made some notes this time. One thing I found is that I was probably influencing the stats with my own visits, so I've changed the settings so that won't happen again. In my review I've tried to account for myself.

Most popular posts:
Microform Models Review
One of my Vietnam posts
And another Vietnam post
My very first "real" post
My take on the Thurian Age (and most relevantly, maps)

Where are people coming from? The US and UK are #1 and 2, then Canada, but that's probably me, then Germany and France. Australia, Spain, and Brazil are also the homes of my visitors.

How do people get here from Google? Besides TMP posts and others' blogs, searches for Pat and Walt's Spaceship Emporium, Oddzial Osmy, and "Thurian Age Maps" are bringing people here. The latter explains the popularity of my Thurian Age post, since there are only a few maps of Thuria online. This reminds me I need to get back to my review of Thurian Age nations (as well as my neglected Imagi-Nation blog).

How many people visit? Well, I don't know. But there are 750-1,000 pageviews a month, I'm probably half of those, so at least I now some people do visit.


  1. Brazil would be me. I got here, IIRC, because you posted that you were doing 2-3mm stuff, either on the Yahoo groups dedicatedx to those scales or on the BKC site.

    I have you to thank for turning me on to Microform Models. I've recently ´posted a review of their buildings on my blog...


  2. Cool! Actually your blog is one that's come up in the stats as a referring site. I wander away from 2mm and 3mm, but have the rest of my Vietnam project on the table, as well as some 2mm Seven Years War stuff.