Thursday, August 4, 2011

Craft Store Elephants

In a fit of madness, two posts in two days! Here are some craft store paper elephants that I've done up in two different styles:

Gate guardian elephants for India, either my 15mm 18th century project, or 28mm pulp. Now I just need a gate!

And of course, what temple, palace or ruin would be complete without a sapphire-eyed golden elephant. Maybe it's just gold plate but filled with gems (or vipers), maybe it's solid gold, but that's for the adventurers to find out.

The figure is a 28mm post-apoc guy from EM4 - he was handy for showing a sense of scale.


  1. Gold in a one foot cube would be 1200 pounds, worth today $26,800 a pound or $32,160,000 for just the one cubic foot.


    But how could the adventurers carry it off?

  2. No one ever accused them of being smart adventurers!

  3. This is an instance when an animate object spell would come in handy. Well, as long as you could control the object. Oh well, a good problem for the adventurers to have; better to have too much treasure than not enough.