Thursday, August 11, 2011

Just Like Harvesting A Bison...

I didn't let anything go to waste on these thrift shop corduroy pants (Old Navy pants at that!). I was in to scrounge around to miniatures stuff, found a diecast 1930 truck perfect for pulp gaming, and these pants - perfect for 3mm plowed fields. Normally corduroy seems like like 15 or 28mm terrain, but these ridges are really small and tightly spaced.

I figure I'll use them bare for plowed earth, and with a bit of flocking for low-lying crops. I have a whole 'nother plan for corn.

The photo above is what was left of the pants after cutting off the legs, pockets, pocket flaps, etc. etc.


  1. Eeeew! 'Pants' has a whole different connotation over here in the UK - that is really going above and beyond for your hobby!

  2. Hmmm, never looked at those "pants" for terrain! They wuz trousers, I swear!