Wednesday, August 24, 2011

English Civil War in 2mm Plans

For the past while I've been planning to get into the English Civil War in 2mm, and landed on the Polemos rules, although I'm keeping some options open to use others. After doing a "buy one of everything in the Renaissance range" order from Irregular last spring, here's what I landed on for 2mm figures. All go onto 40x20 (inf. and cav.) or 20x20 (command, artillery) bases.

Shot: 3 x BG31
Shot Heavy: 3 x RBG-3
Mixed: 2 x RBG-6
Pike Heavy: 2 x RBG-9A + 2 or 3 RBG-12 + 2 x RBG-11
Pike: 3 x RBG-9
Cavalry (Swedish): 2 x 2 x RBG-16/18
Cavalry (Dutch): 3 x 2 x RBG-17/19
Cuirassiers: 4 x BG-11
Scots Lancers: 4 x BG-10
Mounted Dragoons: 4 x RBG-22
Dismounted Dragoons: 3-6 x RBG-11 + RBG-35
Artillery: 2 x RBG-29 or 30 (if needed, limbers of BG-25/26)
Commanders: RBG-24 and/or 25
Clubmen and Levies: BG-23
Irish: RBG-11 + BG-3 + BG-23
Highlanders: BG-3 and 23
Scottish Archers: ABG-12
Scottish Horse: BG-11
Frame Guns and Very Light Guns: 2 x RBG-26

Now for another order to Irregular! I'll start with some basic forces for each side, rather than jumping into one of the bigger battles. So 30 cavalry and 30 infantry bases per side, plus artillery, commanders and a few odd units. The Scots Royalist and Covenanter forces will have to be a future effort.


  1. Great - really looking forward to seeing this develop - plenty of WIP photos please!

  2. I too have pondered the same project, but TYW. I´m a bit disappointed about the 2mm bases, I wish they were bigger. 2mm scale could easily be close to 1:1.

  3. I looked at doing this closer to 1:1 by mashing together pike blocks and musket blocks, but it looked pretty...mashed together. So I went for the most part with single mixed blocks, sometimes two or three of them on the base.