Thursday, June 21, 2012

15mm Buildings

Here's a pic of some 15mm buildings I've been working on haphazardly over the last few months. The two small ones are little cardboard boxes bought cheaply from a craft store, with some Polyfilla slapped on (with spaces for doors and windows left). I'll be using them for sci-fi, done up in a desert look or something (maybe rock).

The two bigger ones are foamcore lasercut buildings from Gamecraft Miniatures, which are a cheaper way to get buildings on the table. I put some Polyfilla on these too, to roughen the texture.

While officially for the Middle East, I'm using them for my 15mm India project. I still have some resin ones from JR miniatures to clean up and paint, so these are now on hold, so I can paint everything for India all at once.

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