Monday, June 25, 2012

Pics for TMP

I was in a couple of discussions on TMP over the last few days, and had promised some pictures, so here they are. My big space/bomber bases in progress:

One of my two "Babylonian towers", also known as "wood boxes" in Michael's craft stores - not really much else to go by, they were in the discount wood stuff aisle, with a bunch of birdhouses. Maybe if you take the pic in and wander around, someone will be able to help you find them.

My plan is to put some sort of top on them - maybe a popsicle stick sort of thing, after painting them with textured paint, or scribing (big) bricks on the side.


  1. So these things are space/bomber bases?
    I am very intrigued about that project.

    More photos required!

  2. Where is your topic of TMP about bombers?

  3. Hi Slorm,

    The TMP thread was this one: about different strengths of magnets, and using two (aircraft and base) vs. one (just aircraft). I do the latter, and it got into a discussion about bases.

    Here's more on my bases, with photos of the different types: