Thursday, June 14, 2012

3mm Vietnam Terrain

I'm not quite sure where the last two months have gone since my last post here, but I have been pretty productive at some 2-3mm terrain-building projects over the last while. I finally have some photos though, so I'm going to spread these out over a few days, starting with some 3mm Vietnam pieces.

Some concertina wire rolls, waiting to be primed, with a demo project of 3 rubber trees, which I'll eventually expand into a whole plantation. Also in the picture, the metal thing on the wood thing, is a 3mm pagoda!

The concertina wire is the same sink scrubber thingy I used way back for my 2mm African village's bush fence. The rubber trees are little pompoms with a small pin inserted, based on some wooden craft sticks. After this trial, I started putting a bit of glue where the pin meets the pompom on the underside of what will eventually be the tree's foliage (basically, where the pin is sticking out). This was to make the whole thing more secure when I attached it to the base. The pagoda is a "finding" from a craft store, in the DIY jewellry section, plus a wooden plug.

In the background are some ex-Monopoly houses and hotels being modified into Vietnamese rectangular huts and city buildings.

These are some foxholes and dirt bunkers for Vietnam. The bunkers are meant more for the VC and NVA, the foxholes for the US. The bunkers will eventually be based and have tree trunks and foliage put around them. All are made of Sculpey. Not pictured, but I made some sandbagged bunkers out of Sculpey too, they aren't pretty, but will do for attacks on US bases. My last Sculpey project was some giant termite mounds, which sometimes factored in as ground cover in Vietnam.

Some Picoarmor ex-Monopoly houses on staples for a Montagnard village. I've since added some texturing to the bases. Oddly enough the pictures I have show the villages to generally be on dusty plains, not water, but that may just be when the photos were taken and the fields were flooded at other times.

These proto-bamboo stands have been taking the longest time, first cutting the bases, then texturing the sides, then sticking in a billion pins.

Another shot of my eventual bamboo forest. Next up are some Dollar store finds and scratchbuilt 2mm city pieces.


  1. Looking really good -you have been busy! That pagoda find is an excellent one - will really add that authentic touch - loving the staple stilts under the houses as well, now that is genius.

  2. Great project! I'd like to do Vietnam in 2mm and this gave me lots of ideas.