Friday, August 25, 2017

D-1 for Broadsword 4

Did a last playtest last night of my Song of Drums and Shakos "Out of La Marisma" scenario for Broadsword 4 tomorrow in Hamilton.  I didn't pull out my mat as I was using my small 32x32 table (everything else is packed with projects!) and so some roads and rivers don't fit on like they will at 36x36.  But it looked good with my recent terrain finishes - grain sacks, roadside cross, gravestones, and windmill (minus the sweeps - since attached).

The French tried a new tactic, and lost - running off the hussars and letting the carabiniers fight through both the British rifles and light dragoons, specially when a marksman kills your hussar lieutenant at the table edge and routs the whole force!
The French marching on the table - so orderly! 

Shot of the British set-up, guarding the crossroads at the edge of the swamp. 

Overhead view of the British - the cavalry are actually behind the (yellow) granary, I just put them on the road to avoid messing things up. 

Near the game's end, a detachment of carabiniers work to force a bridge crossing against the last of the riflemen. 

Pretty much the end for the French - three light dragoons still left vs. a couple of carabiniers and Captain Dagon.  The turn after this another carabinier was killed and the officer was about to be charged.  The guys in the river are just my dead pile!

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