Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Works in Progress for Broadsword 4

In a week and a half I'm running a four-player game of Gamesha Games' Song of Drums and Shakos in Hamilton (Ontario) for Broadsword 4, the local one-day game con.  I'm going to try out a new scenario, based in Spain still, that at least pulls in a bit of the con's theme for this go-round:  celebrating H.P. Lovecraft's birthday with Cthulhu-themed games/scenarios. I'm not bringing the Mythos into the game, but it's set in an isolated, supposedly haunted, part of Spain, and you might recognize a few names in the scenario description:

"Out of La Marisma - Spain, July 1813. Deep in the Irati Forest of the Pyrenees Mountains, near the Roncesvalle Pass, Lieutenant Lovecraft of the Rifles and Sergeant Reilly of the Light Dragoons have been keeping a piquet astride some swampy, well-nigh impassable, trails. However, the trails were less impassable than the British believed, and after days of scouting Captain Dagon of the Carabiniers and Lieutenant Tindalos of the Hussars now lead their French forces out of the morning mist to do an end run on the British defences in Spain. Each player will control 8-15 figures in a short, sharp cinematic skirmish."

This has necessitated (and thus got me to do something) some new terrain pieces, including a stone bridge, some gravestones, and a Spanish windmill (not pictured):

All still need some/lots work still.  The bridge (old JR Miniatures) needs the side stones and gravel to be drybrushed, and then some touch-ups before a white wash is used to wear down the red stones further.  The gravestones and roadside cross (Hovels) are just primed so far.

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