Sunday, January 3, 2010

And now we dance...

After wrapping up my last post I got the delightful news that the long-awaited (as in it was completed in its original form about 25 years ago) fourth book of the Imaro series is now available from Lulu!

It's called The Naama War, so obivously it's going to become the most important "historical reference" for my Imaro project. Luckily I don't think I've gotten too far ahead of the game with my war lions and izingogo, but I am going to move to other projects until I get and read the book. I do have the figures for an initial war bull unit from Dossouye's universe, so when I need a fix I'll work on that.

Anyway, with Mr. Saunders' permission, here are the covers from all the Imaro books in their various incarnations. Dossouye's down at the bottom for good measure as well.

This is the new cover, has a sort of superhero feel to it. The dude on the right is Bohu, sort of Darth Vader to the Erriten's Emperor, if you need a quick cultural analogy. While he's not an Erriten (but could be a Naaman), I did at least get the colours right - skin tone and sorcerous green - on my Erriten.

Nightshade edition Imaro.

Nightshade edition Quest for Cush - I think this is my favourite cover of the new editions. And not just for the lady!

Lulu edition of Trail of Bohu. I think this is the only one that really gets his age right, he's in his early 20's here. He looks older in all the others.

This is the original DAW cover, after the Tarzan reference had to be removed. Kind of weird, between the Miles Davis hair and the lizardman that doesn't make an appearance in any story that I remember (which may say more about my memory than anything).

DAW edition. We finally see Pomphis, but this doesn't portray him accurately - he was a very civilized pygmy! One with a fair bit of flair. On the other hand, it does give us something to work with for Imaro other than a loincloth. This is what I generally imagine his workaday dress to be, after his time with the bandits.

Naturally any book cover with a guy riding a rhino at full speed will be one of my favourite book covers of all time. And we have the zebra cavalry in the background. Both units will be on my table shortly! (Although unless the new edition deleted this, he doesn't ride a rhino in this book! Bloody cover artists)

Warrior woman Dossouye. Hopefully there's another book of her adventures coming out in 2010, maybe with her war bull on the cover.

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