Monday, January 11, 2010

Savanna Tiles

I've been distracted lately working up the background for a fictional 18th century India setting (these are called Imagi-Nations in the wargaming community), but I do have a couple of posts for today that have been backlogged for a bit. I'm still getting painting in.

So first up, since I haven't found anyone who makes mats that match an African savanna (deserts and drylands are no problem to find, just nothing with a touch of yellow), I've been tinkering with my own idea.

On the left is the original vinyl floor tile - I'm going to use some of these for smaller scale (skirmish) desert or Martian tiles - and on the right is after a couple of light coats of yellow spray paint. As we speak I'm misting green over it, then another mist of yellow, to see what I get. Twenty-four of these will give me a 6x4 playing area for battles in Nyumbani or colonial skirmishes.

Here's my test tile with my kraal on it.

If I don't end up doing a full set, this at least gives me something to base some scenic pieces on.


  1. The Martian tiles will look great! Nice to see something other than red.

  2. Cheapness and laziness are the mothers of invention!

  3. Looking good, CJR, I think the tile you've chosen for the Martian landscape will look great; just one thing, are these a type of self-adhesive floor tiles? Are you going to mount them on something for 'stiffening', or use as is? What about the adhesive covering paper underneath, do you just trim that around the edges?
    I'm always on the look-out for cheap terrain!
    Cheers, SteelonSand.

  4. Hi Steel, they are self-adhesive, I haven't touched the original one (for Mars), but I did trim the overlapping backing away from the one I was painting. They're pretty stiff as is, I wouldn't want to get hit by one!

    I'd originally bought them to build terrain pieces on, per advice that's common on TMP, but then went this way.