Monday, January 11, 2010

Giant King Command Stands

As you'll recall from my last photos of my Giant King command stands, the general was done but his aides/henchmen were still stuck in primer grey. I've now got them done, and all that's left is a final touch-up of the green base, then a coat of Future, then Dullcote. But rather than wait for all that fussiness to be finished, here's the the preview:

I was trying out a new gold paint for the bronze shield, definitely a brighter paint than what you see for the general's shield and sceptre. For now I'm calling that a true gold, and will use the brighter stuff for bronze. This will be more critical when I get to Kull and his Red Slayers.

Weirdly, both Acheron and Valusia use purple as their colours, but different purples. And Valusia has gold in their standards.

I also finished the hybrid* general's command chariot, although this base really needs a touch up in green - my black wash from the patch of boulders seeped through a lot of the base.

* The giant kings interbred with us lowly humans, creating tall, pale offspring sort of the equivalent of bastard sons from medieval times. Most end up in the military or priesthood.

As a command chariot it was pretty crowded - there ended up being six painted figures on it! Two are bowmen, from the side shot you can see at the front one of the bowmen and his bow (light brown). This chariot has bronze barding for the horses and was made of bronze (or gold, I'm easy), regular Acheronian chariots will have quilted barding in various colours and be of wood.

Finally settled on burnt sienna as my chestnut horse colour. It took a few tries of different colours to get right.


  1. Thats some very nice painting on those little guys - I'm afraid that my 2mm figures will not look that good. A package arrived from Irregular yesterday - damn those troops are tiny! I'll post the results once I find my microscope and 00000000000 paint brush

  2. They look really good. I like the 2mm chariot!

  3. I'm a bit fussier with command stands, but getting a good look for mass-produced units isn't hard. Tony Hughes' site and the Yahoo group have some good advice. I've seen Tony write that he actually only uses a 0 brush for everything (I think - might have even been bigger!).

    I use a 18/0 for fine details (heads, helmets, harness) and 10/0 or 5/0 for most things (stripes of colour across massed units). I save up discount coupons for the local craft megastore and use them to stockpile the expensive brushes.