Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Figures for the Thurian Age (and a completed snake statue)

At long last I have some things completed, rather than in half-finished states, although there are still lots of those projects lying around upstairs.

As mentioned previously, I had ordered some more D&D Collectible Miniatures Game figures for the Thurian Age, to fill in some gaps and add more snakemen and skeleton options.

At last - Thulsa Doom, although this shot doesn't do his skull face justice. A nice miniature, although it really matches the Thulsa Doom from the version of Riders Beyond the Sunrise that was completed by Lin Carter, rather than what we see of Thulsa Doom in Delcartes' Cat. But beggars can' be choosers, and he is cool looking.

Also as mentioned earlier, I was awaiting a new figure for Thelo CurKail, one of my new Thurian heroes, for skirmish games. This is the new Thelo, the old one has been relegated to tavern villainy.

A massive piece and the blue hair and skin don't quite match up with my version of Thule and its mammoth-riding warriors...but it'll do for now.

I've also finally completed one of the wooden Creatology puzzles I've been picking up for props. This is the snake statue for the Temple of the Serpent:

After spray-painting with flat black, then a satin green.

Finished, with details and ruby-eyes added, then coated with crackle medium paint to age. The final product, after being coated with Future Floor Polish, actually tones done the silvering you see here, which I'm going to call cobwebs if you see them from a distance.

A close-up of the final product.

Still on the table - cog, castle, tower, dirt cottage, dragon statue, sphinx.
Sill in the box - more birdhouses cum Splintered Lands buildings, Temple of Heaven puzzle, pirate schooner puzzle, another castle puzzle.

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