Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bamboo U, Part Doo (II)

The next step in Project Bamboo was painting. Did the bases, then the bamboo shoots (trunks?). The only thing left is flocking some ground cover, then seeing if my plan for the top foliage works.

A top view of the impassable bamboo. You can see in a horizontal line through the middle my tests of different paint colours for bamboo. I left them in because I wanted to see how it looked finished, and whether some variety would help the finished product. I'll go with two at least, a typical green and then a brown representing dead or mature bamboo.

So starting from the brown trunk on the left (passed the test, will be the standard brown trunk), there's the near-yellow "Lemonade" that I thought would be my standard green/yellow trunk...but it failed. To its right is a green that wasn't bad, but is choice #3 of my greens. Then there's a brown trunk in the middle (leaning), that was too close to the base brown. Then there's the green that passed the test ("Fresh Foliage"). Finally another, flatter green that would have been ok if I didn't have Fresh Folliage.

Side view of same.

Side view of passable bamboo, meaning I can fit bases (pennies) onto it. I left room for three pennies all told.

Still also have to figure out what shapes to build the production stands. Narrow strips to border the bamboo forest, then using felt in the interior, or rounds like the above. Some rounds will be useful to include in the interior in any case.

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