Sunday, March 7, 2010

Vietnam Heavy Weapons Figures (3mm)

With help from Marcin of Oddzial Osmy (aka O8), I've sorted out the figures that come with the US and NVA/VC heavy weapon/command packs, and I've prepared some labelled pictures below.

The US comes with 3 types of sprues: two of individuals that can be separated (one of 3 figures, one of 5), and one that has both an aid station and a positioned M60. I didn't include a photo of the latter, as it was hard enough getting photos of the other sprues and it should be easy enough for anyone to tell the difference between the two.

The NVA/VC come with 2 types of figures, a sprue of 5 individuals, and one of two heavy weapons. The sprue of 5 does come with a variation, at least in the current collection, as one figure has a leg that isn't visible in some of the sprues (the other leg is), giving a standing appearance, as opposed to running. I didn't even notice the lack of the leg until it was pointed out to me, I just figured it was an upright dude.

Anyway, the sprues are as follows:

US "3"

US "5"

NVA/VC "Heavies"

NVA/VC "5"

As I mentioned, these were tough to photograph; it took about 30 pictures to get 4 that were halfway in focus. An issue with my photography skills more than the miniatures. There is a lot of detail here that will show up once painted.

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