Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sphinx Jr.

For Steelonsand, here's a couple of shots of the nearly done Sphinx Jr. (aka Sphinx for 2mm). I've also included a shot of the pyramids that came with the set, however, the fact the Sphinx towers over them suggests they aren't quite Cheopian in scale, so I've declared them to be Cushite (or Kushite) funeral pyramids, rather than Egyptian or pseudo-Egyptian colossai. Both will be background scenery for fantasy or alt-historical games.

They came from a Safari Toob pack, the rest of the goodies in the pack will make 25/28mm scenery pieces - various statues and sarcophagi. The sphinx and pyramids were a bit of a bugger because while painted, the paint job had picked up a stain that wouldn't wash off, almost like they'd been covered in chewing gum. The rest of the toys don't need any work, but I had to prime and re-paint these, which did let me do them a bit differently.

As always, clicking on the photos brings up a larger image; the first sphinx picture in particular gives a good close-up.

This shows off sphinx jr. relative to the pyramids, and you can see in the background some of my elephant grass project. The taller grass is for 1/72 gaming, the shorter stuff for 3mm. Some 2mm riders are in the foreground for scale.


  1. Yay! ask and you shall receive....thanks, CJR, I'm doing some wars in Egypt themed 2mm Colonials at the moment, so I've just gotta get me some of those pyramids and sphinxes now I've seen them in the flesh!

  2. No problem. As mentioned though, the pyramids are kinda puny relative to the sphinx, sort of like the Stonehenge scene in Spinal Tap (well, maybe not that bad). My "real" pyramid plans are for modelling plywood, I have some ~3-4mm thick sheets that I was going to use, cutting squares in ever decreasing dimensions. The toy pyramids are probably ok on their own though.